Makenzie&Tirrek Freeman

Please pray God would provide Me, my husband and our babies a place to live back in my home state ASAP so we can move back and get out of my husband's controlling family house

Apr-24 / no prayers yet
Floyd Tuckey

Praise that Floyd Tuckey does not have Parkinson's Disease. He has Dystonic Tremors with Parkinsonism Features and is now on medication to address the tremors.Thank you for all your prayers.

Apr-09 / last rejoice 7d ago
Sylvester Simmons

My father is having an eye transplant today. Pray for a successful surgery and recovery and that he may have sight.

Apr-15 / last prayer 7d ago
Floyd Tuckey

Pray for a successful cornea and cataract surgery on Floyd's left eye on Wednesday, April 17. We are waiting to find our the time of surgery.

Apr-09 / last prayer 15d ago